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Altair1972m Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2017
Someone posted your Avenger class in the Trekyards forum and I had to come over here and see this ship.  I like the design.  I have a few thoughts.  

First thought, the Avenger Class was a non-cannon Miranda variant, but because it's in the tech manuals, there might be a trademark issue.  

Next, I had to suppress the desire to joke about the similarity to the Sith Infiltrator.  I'm not suggesting you should change stands on it's own, but you have to take a moment to say...oh yeah...look at does.

Ablative Armor and Windows don't work well together.  Defiant has almost no windows.

Last, the version I saw was here:….  You gave great attention to detail, but I noticed all the RCS ports (assumed those little blue triangles) on the one on Facebook were on the saucer section, with none on the stardrive.  The one above on with the description of what it is armed with didn't have the RCS ports.

Just thoughts.  You get an A in my book.  Just want to make good, better.
Kerchan3 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see that you are into the SR-71 & F-106 Delta Dart. I have some real nice photos of the F-106 Delta Dart, YF-12A Blackbird, & A-12 Blackbird (The actual World Record Holder for a jet-powered piloted aircraft - that record was during a mission over-flying Vietnam by OXCART 128 {Last 4 numbers of side number were "6931"} Mach 3.53 {2,500+ MPH at 92,500 feet} - record obtained from "classified documents" revealed because of the "Freedom Act of Information". I would be happy to share my photos with you, if you care to see them, ok?? You see...not many people know that there were actually three types of "Blackbirds"...first came the A-12 piloted by CIA, then came the YF-12A piloted by Air Force pilots and was the fastest Fighter/Interceptor Aircraft that actually carried the AIM-47 Missile which later became the AIM-54 Phoenix Missile carried by my favorite Naval Fighter...the F-14 Tomcat & F-14D Super Tomcat Aircraft. Finally the SR-71 ended the Blackbird actually did not have any radar, like the A-12 & YF-12A had. (That was "quoted" by a former SR-71 pilot on the Military Channels' "Great Planes".) {The nose was too flat to house any type of radar but, the A-12 & YF-12A had a 30" Radar Dish in their noses...that was why their noses were rounded!}
Like I said, I would be happy to share my photos with you! (The reason I have the F-106 Delta Dart pictures was because one of my brothers was a fire control tech on the F-106 & F-15)
JamieTakahashi Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd be happy to see them as well,

I've been pretty much obsessed with the Blackbird since I was young; it was my first model airplane kit and it was a 1:48 scale whereas the model I have now is only 1:72.  I also have a companion book I got with the original model which mentioned all of the early variations.  Hard to believe they meant for it to go into combat situations, but then I guess it would have been analogous to the MiG-25 - moves fast, fires a missile, but can't be expected to dogfight worth a lick.
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